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What's For Pranzo!

Sample Menus

Casa di Maria

At Maria's we explore making pasta with eggs and cooking rabbit.  Rabbit is a main course in many Pontelandolfo home.

Antipasti - A Variety

Primo - Tagliatelle con Sugo 

Secondo - Coniglio alle Cacciatore

Seasonal Vegetables and Fruit

Dolce della Casa

Casa di Angela

Parrozz is a soup made with edible weeds and pork parts. Joined with Cacchiarella, corn bread, it was the type of dish eaten by Pontelandolfese who lived and worked in the mountains.

Traditional Wood Oven Pizza

Parrozz con Cacciarella


Dolce dela Casa

Casa di Carmela

Shouts of "cicategli" fill the air as you make this traditional pasta.  The cake made with a Nutella filling is a local favorite.


Primo - Cavatelli con Sugo di Carne

Secondo - Eggplant and Braciola

Fruit Salad

Sweet Flower of Nutella - Cake

Casa di Nunzia

Learn the Pontelandolfese tradition of using every bit of what you have, including left over bread.  Meat, in fact, was a privilege, but the garden and hens were a source of daily raw materials. 

Antipasti della Casa

Prim0 -Taccozze con fagioli (Pasta and beans)

Secondo - 

Melanzane ripiene  (Eggplants stuffed with eggs and cheese)

Peperoni ripieni  (Peppers stuffed with bread)

Funghi all’aglio    (Garlic Mushrooms)

Zucchine gratinate    (Zucchini au gratin)


Regretfully, there are no special dietary considerations.  Since you will be cooking and eating in people's homes, not restaurants, accommodations cannot be made for allergies o0r preferences. 

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