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Midge Guerrera is our creative force.  Hating the word "retired" and seeing a need to infuse the village she chose to be the scene of her "second act" with a wee bit of tourism she rounded up the neighborhood women and this initiative was born.  Now, other towns have asked her to visit and help them understand how to bring their visions into reality.In her earlier life she was a program creator/builder, actor, playwright, producer and professor.  Now those same skill sets are bringing new friends to Pontelandolfo.

Angelamaria Addona's B&B Calvello  sits high in the mountain. When you need to leave the hustle of the city behind, this is the place to stay. The view is incredible and folks can follow trails through the adjacent state park.  Her kitchen dates to the early 1900's and Angela is committed to sharing the traditional fare that her nonna cooked in the same wood burning oven and stove that our culinary tourists get to now use.  We love her wood oven pizza and often have parties at B&B Calvello.


Borgo Cerquelle is an Agriturismo created out of an ancient peasant village of stone houses. They cultivate the land and breed animals in a bio-mode. Every group has a chance to visit the animals, tour the gardens and eat a 4 hour lunch made of items raised on the farm.  It is a great place to bring young children for a Southern Italian country life adventure.

Maria Di Ciero is part of the creative duo that created Marcelleria Perugini, famous for its Torcinello. Restaurants and markets from all over the region stock this lamb based artigianal item.  Maria was the chef at the restaurant, Il Castello. Music fills her home and our culinary adventurers were often caught playing the air guitar in her kitchen. Maria spends a lot 'of time in the macelleria but when the business does not need her presence she can be found in the place that gives her the most satisfaction – the kitchen.  

Carmela Fusco, with a smile on her face,  cooks lunch daily for a minimum of eleven people!   Carmela’s dishes are an interesting mixture of traditional Southern Italian cuisine, learned from her mom, and the best Milanese traditions. learned from her time there. She is fortunate to have a husband who forages the mountains for truffles, mushrooms, spring asparagus and more.  You too can feel like you're invited to lunch – read her cooking hints on the Facebook page, A Pranzo Della Nonna!   Her motto is “cooking with the heart is good for the soul too.”

Franco Perugini,  After working in an industrial food facility, he thought often of how Pontelandolfese created meals from the land and with the animals they raised, slaughtered and lovingly cooked. Franco and Maria decided to bring his passion for the food of his youth to his own business.  Marcelleria Perugini in Pontelandolfo was born.   The Porchetta recipe that Franco and his family created is a mélange of spices embedded in a boneless loin of pork and wrapped in pork belly.  People from all over Campania come to the Marcelleria for the Porchetta.  Our visitors giggle, as some of them see for the first time, exactly where a pork chop or sausage comes form.


Nicla Perugini grew up in the kitchen.  Her parents own Marcelleria Perugini and she was immersed in the art of making meat dishes. The youngest of our cooks, she is married to Claudia and has two glorious children – Ariele and Soraya.  Nicla plays the piano with a passion and loves the arts.  Her artistic sensibility is now demonstrated in her creative cooking.    Though the adorable Soraya keeps her at home more, Nicla, proudly talks about the recipes she creates for the macelleria’s dried sausages and her involvement in the evolution of the business.


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