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Cooking in the Kitchens of Pontelandolfo

Cook, Eat Laugh!  

That is exactly what happens each time a group of adventurous foodies – women and men – come to Pontelandolfo and hang out in local kitchens and learn the dishes that nonnas have been sharing for generations.  Pontelandolfo – to me – is an example of the best that Italy has to offer.  No backpack swinging tourists. No overpriced cappuccinos. Simply incredible mountain views, fresh foods cooked seasonally, a population that embraces life with joy and a welcoming attitude that surrounds all newcomers.

Cooking in the Kitchens of Pontelandolfo was an idea floating around a kitchen table. How could we bring some tourism money to Southern Italy and not promote the town into another jammed packed tourist site?


The "ah-ha" moment came when a visitor said to me, I would love to just spend a week living here like the "Pontelandolfese." Bingo!  In 2015, thanks to a group of savvy homemakers, an incredible opportunity for folks who love to cook and travel off the beaten tourist track was born.  

The success of the program has been made possible with the help of Renato Rinaldi (Pontelandolfo News), Mayor Gianfranco Rinaldi, Carmine Fusco and the men and women of Pontelandolfo who have adopted each guest as a member of the family.

Visitors have been Cooking, Eating and Laughing ever since we produced our first event in May, 2016!

Visit my blog  or buy my book, Cars, Castles, Cows and Chaos, to see how a type A personality from New Jersey handles living in a wonderful. hilltop Southern Italian Village.

Ci Vediamo a Presto -




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